Music Monday: I Used to Love H.E.R.


“I Used to Love Hearing Every Rhyme.”

“I Used to Love Hip Hop in its Essence is Real.”

The day I fell in LOVE with Hip-Hop. Thursday, February 17, 2011. I was 21.

I had just been dumped by a guy who fell for his classmate, Victoria, who he would “tutor”.

It was the first time since my freshman year of college that I had been left for another woman. This time, though, I wasn’t left wondering. He straight up told me, “I like Victoria, so we need to break up.” That summer he told me the fling lasted 2 weeks and that he regretted his decision immediately after. Haha Funny how things work out that way. Continue reading

My #SXSW 2014: Style Guide, Playlist, Twitter, and More!

Hello my readers!!

I have been completely slacking and busy, so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog. I promise that will change soon once this month is over.

I wanted to take some time to write about SXSW fashion and what I hope to wear and see other women wearing on the streets of Austin this week. It’s always tough for me to choose what to wear to music festivals and concerts. My style is all over the place, but if I could choose an outfit all of the following would be top contenders. My choice of style stems a lot from the types of shows I plan to attend.

I will post pictures of all my outfits later this week when I finally have vacation and spend my days at south by!

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100 Songs to Save Your Life (1-50)


A year and a half ago I began a list of 100 songs I thought could save someone’s life. I started the list to give to my younger sister because sometimes I feel the music of today won’t help her get through most of what life throws at her.

I love Music. Music had been there for my ups and downs. Music is the love f my life. And in a way, this list is a way for me to pass on what I love to my sister. It may not be YOUR top 100, but for me they are.

 I want her to listen to this and every time she hears any of these songs she thinks of her big sister. I want her to know all these amazing artists and to continue the legacy for them.

Little one, if you ever read this, I want you to free your mind and Just Listen. Listen to the beats and the lyrics. Listen and learn the different voices. Feel the music every time you listen.

 Hope this list can save your life one day. Continue reading