100 Songs to Save Your Life (1-50)


A year and a half ago I began a list of 100 songs I thought could save someone’s life. I started the list to give to my younger sister because sometimes I feel the music of today won’t help her get through most of what life throws at her.

I love Music. Music had been there for my ups and downs. Music is the love f my life. And in a way, this list is a way for me to pass on what I love to my sister. It may not be YOUR top 100, but for me they are.

 I want her to listen to this and every time she hears any of these songs she thinks of her big sister. I want her to know all these amazing artists and to continue the legacy for them.

Little one, if you ever read this, I want you to free your mind and Just Listen. Listen to the beats and the lyrics. Listen and learn the different voices. Feel the music every time you listen.

 Hope this list can save your life one day. Continue reading