Anali Martinez

Austin Latina Lifestyle Blogger

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The Nueva Latina is a blog about everything related to being a Nueva Latina living in today’s world. My blog includes personal stories and thoughts, product reviews, fashion, beauty, and Austin reviews all catered towards the Latino/Hispanic Community. Being a Nueva Latina today means so much and I feel that there needs to be a community of us coming together and really defining what a Nueva Latina is.

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  • Product Reviews
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Sposnored Posts
  • Sidebar Advertising
  • Sponsored Giveaways
  • Freelance Writing
  • Event Coverage
  • Brand/Product Affiliation
  • Sponsored Links


  • Blog Views: 8,718 (in 2015)
  • Blog Visitors: 6,387 (in 2015)
  • Facebook: 262
  • Instagram: 991
  • Twitter: 734
  • Pinterest: 468
  • Youtube: 14
  • Klout Score: 63

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