Hola! Yo me llamo Anali Martinez! My name is Anali Martinez, the owner of The Nueva Latina.

The Nueva Latina is a blog about everything related to being a Nueva Latina living in today’s world. My blog includes personal stories and thoughts, product reviews, fashion, beauty, and Austin reviews all actered towards the Latino/Hispanic Community. Being a Nueva Latina today means so much and I feel that there needs to be a community of us coming together and really defining what a Nueva Latina is.

“A Nueva Latina carries a unique story made up of rich history, blended cultures and aspirations. She is the face and reflection of the past, present and future. And as a Nueva Latina, she knows that she is leading the way in changing the face of America.”

I have been blogging for the past three years. I started with a blog called “Life, Love, and Dance” and then “Confessions of a Serial Dater“. I started my blogging after a breakup and slowly transformed it into something more than just a place to express my feelings. Now, my blogging has become so much more! And I hope to transform it into something that will be a part of your everyday.

Welcome to The Nueva Latina!

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