Music Monday: Kydd Jones Redefining Austin Hip Hop with “Patience”

Native Austinite Kydd Jones returns with a new single off his upcoming album “GR33D” which will feature artists like Kirko Bangz, Tory Lanez & more. Kydd has performed at festivals like SXSW, NXNE, A3C, Fun Fun Fun Fest & the Brooklyn HipHop Festival and has previously collaborated with artists like Yelawolf and Pac Div.

SXSW 2012. I went to a hip hop show on a Tuesday night. Out came out this scruffy black dude with a a simple shirt and some shorts. He had a cap that bared the letters LNS. He began his set and as the show went on I could not look away. Here was this kid from Austin, a place I had been living in for the past 5 years, and I had never see, or even heard of him. How did I miss this? How did I not know someone so talented was living and performing in the same city I lived in this whole time? Austin has a hip hop scene? Ha.


The song that I related to the most at the time was “Jungle” and from then on I was hooked. And not in a “Oh em gee, that rapper is so hot!” kinda way. I fell in love with hip hop during my second year of college. After studying it over the next few years, I looked around and started to think that hip hop was dead. Nothing sounded like hip hop any more. SXSW 2012 changed all of that for me.

I discovered Kydd Jones, A.Dd+, League of Extraordinary Gz, and The Niceguys (who are no longer together) and my love for hip hop was renewed.

Last week, Kydd Jones dropped the new single off his upcoming album “GR33D” called “Patience”.

As soon as the song starts, I am in love. A calmness comes over me with the smooth transition into the song. Kydd comes on strong but soothing. He goes for the poetic in this song and really resonated with the listener. His style in this song is different than others and really plays on the “new-age R&B vibe”. I LOVE this song and it really stuck with me the whole day after just one listen. If you need some time to just chill out and think, this song is a great soundtrack to have on while you do.

I have been following Kydd for some time now and am excited to see what else he come sup with for “GR33D”.

For more from Kydd, follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

“Patience” will be featured on Kydd’s album “GR33D” due September 2015.

Just Listen,



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