Foodie Friday – Houston (Katy) Edition: Green Garden Chinese Restaurant


Green Garden Chinese Restaurant

19922 Park Row Drive
Katy, TX 77449-4915

I love take out. I have been to almost every “Chinese” food place near me. And it’s almost always the same. Sometimes it’s too sweet or too sour or doesn’t have enough taste. The chicken usually comes out in small pieces and is a mixture of light and dark meat. I’ve never had AMAZING Chinese food, but there have been some that come close.

From the day I started dating my boyfriend, he had been telling me about the BEST Chinese food he had ever had. He would talk about it every time we tried somewhere new and he could not help himself but compare it to what he says is the best.

About two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to go to Houston. On our last day there, he finally decided to show me this Chinese food heaven that he had been bragging out for the last 3 years.

And let me tell you…


They use HUGE pieces of WHITE chicken. We had the Sesame Chicken and General Tso’s Chicken plates. Both tasted AMAZING! Not too sweet or sour and just enough sauce to give each piece of chicken it’s own taste.

You honestly NEED to check this place out if you are ever  in that area of Houston.

On top of the food being amazing, the service was EXCEPTIONAL!!

To learn more about Green Garden Chinese Restaurant you can visit their website or Facebook page!!

“Welcome to Green Garden Chinese Restaurant, an oasis of exquisite, Chinese cuisine and fine family dining. Located at 19922 Park Row inside the Kroger shopping center”

Stay hungry,


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