The Planning Latina: My Planner Life Last Week 3/16 -3/22


Wow!! It was a SUPER busy week last week! How did you all spend last week? I tried to do SXSW while also working last week and let’s just say I was unsuccessful. Haha

I did see some pretty hip shows and dancing in the street/rain was pretty fun. Even though after getting into venues was pretty tricky with how wet we were.

I will be posting more about my SXSW experience in another post to follow (today or tomorrow) for any of those who are curious. =)

I LOVED last week because I was able to get my hands on all sorts of planner supplies! My kikki.K came in, I gave in and bought a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner, and all sorts of stickers and accessories.

This is my Planning Week for 3/16 – 3/22!! I hope you all like my pictures!!

What are your favorite planners and what do you use them for? Where is your favorite store to get all your planner accessories from?

Stay in love,



EEEEEEEK! It’s here! My kikki.K has arrived!


She’s a BEAUUUUTY! Love at first sight!


The inside cover!


After a trip to Michaels, I went home with some Heidi Swapp stickers and sat to plan while watching the last episode of Hindsight. =)


Decided to make my kikki.K a workout planner! Keeps me on track and motivated at the gym! Also, I give myself “gold stickers” for every day I actually make it to the gym in the monthly view of the planner. =)


My Tiffany blue Nike Free’s ready to go to the gym with me!


My power lunch for half of the week last week. Power greens, feta cheese, avocado, grilled chicken, and lemon vinaigrette. =)


Got some pales and buckets at Target and decided to put them to use in the office. I love how everything fit perfectly and that I now have a mint and white theme going. =)


First half of the week =)


Gave in against my better judgement and invested in a Heidi Swapp planner. I plan on using it as my main planner next year or I maaaaaay have a giveaway in the near future. We will see. =)


Second half of the week. =)

Thanks for reading and looking at my pictures! Hope to hear more about you all and your planner/stationary/scrap-booking journeys!

Stay in love,


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