Finding my Blogspiration, Changing my Blog Path: Introducing…The Planning Latina!


Hello everyone!

I am here with some EXCITING news!

After a lot of difficulty trying to find my blogspiration, I decided what I want to write about. This blog will be dedicated to my love for music, Zumba stuff, reviews of all things Austin, and my planner/planning obsession.

Mostly, though,  I will be posting about my planner obsession. I have started my planner addict Instagram account and would love if you all would follow me on there as well.

My love for the planner world began when I ordered my Erin Condren planner. I saw one of my sorority sisters post something about it and I decided to get one as well. I had been using planners all my life, but I never knew there was a community out there who felt the same about organizing and planning as I did.

Weeks before I received my planner I started doing research. There was this whole world of project life cards, washi tape, stationary, and PLANNERS that I had no idea existed. There are SOOOOO many planner and organization bloggers out there that inspired me to document my planner journey as well, and for that I am thankful. I will have links at the bottom to my favorite planner bloggers so far.

So this will be my first post introducing you all to my planner and accessories. Hope you all enjoy and to see more pictures, follow my Instagram account. =)

I ordered a Kikki.K planner and a Webster’s Pages planner and will be posting more about them once I get them in my hands! Hopefully I can start doing YouTube videos as well, but I keep telling myself “baby steps”. =)

I also have a Pinterest board where I pin all things planner/organization related. I will start uploading my own pictures soon!

Do any of you have a planner and organization obsession? Would you like to trade ideas? Let me know! Hope to hear from fellow planner nerds soon!


Awww! Finally received my Erin Condren planner!


My planner came so beautifully packaged. Thank you so much to the people at Erin Condren! I loved it!


My personalized cover! Work hard. Play hard.


My first full week of March spread. Even made an insert of pictures of my little sister and I.


Some accessories from my Joann haul last week! Love my new hole punchers and washi tape!


Fell in LOVE with Paper Source. Went in just to have a look and ended up with all these goodies. =)


A snapshot of my work space today! Loving my new decorations from Paper Source! ❤

Hope you all are excited as I am for my new blog venture!!

Stay in love,


List of favorite planner/organization bloggers:

Lisamarie at Paper and Glam

Alexis aka @MissTrenchcoat at Strange & Charmed

Plan with Anita on YouTube

Belinda Selene on YouTube and you can also find her blog here.

Annie at PaperedLove. You can find her on YouTube or on her blog.

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