January 23, 2012


3 years ago today…

I woke up on January 23, 2012 thinking it was another bad day in a series of bad days. I had been broken up with about 3 weeks before and found out that he had been “hanging out” with another girl who I am still sure to this day was one of the reasons he broke up with me.

I would cry all the time. I would cry myself to sleep. I would cry as soon as I woke up. January 23, 2012 was no different. I got on the bus to school and cried the whole way there. It was a Monday and I was running super late. But, I was hungry so I stopped to get a breakfast taco before heading to class.

It was a good ten minutes into class when I finally walked into my Geotech lab.There was only one more seat left in the back….I sat down…looked to my right…then looked to my left. There were two typical engineering homeboys on my right and a cute white boy with a beanie on my left. But all I could think of at the time was how many men were in that class and how much I despised men. They were everywhere. At school, and the gym, on the bus, and I was so tired of having to deal with men at this point.

The TA told us to start on that day’s lab assignment. The first words I spoke to my group were “I hate men”.

They all laughed and I really liked white boy’s laugh. Then he spoke. He was not white. He was straight up Latino. But I knew he wasn’t Mexican.

Towards the end of the lab, we all got up to go to the basement of the building to put some samples in the oven overnight. He was in front of me in line for the oven. That’s when I saw him, like really looked at him. it was the first time in my whole life I blushed from checking a guy out.

That night I went home and told my roommate about him.

His name was Julian Andres Gonzalez. Little did I know that that man would change my life.

I love you so much Julian! Happy 3 years since we met!

Stay in love,


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