My Zumba Journey

My Zumba Journey began in January 2012.

Just fresh out of my latest breakup, I found that working out made me feel better. I started running again and began weight lifting in an effort to lost weight, tone up, and potentially catch the eye of my ex again. I stumbled upon a Zumba class on accident when I was at the university gym one day.

In high school, I took Salsa classes at a local gym and also started attending a “dance fitness: Rumba” class. Looking back on it now, I realize it was basically a Zumba class without the name or the structure. I also took the high school curriculum dance class because I wanted to be on the dance team more than anything. I tried out for the dance company every year and didn’t make it even though  I knew that I danced better than some of the girls that did. I am not cocky about a lot of things, but I KNOW I am a great dancer.

Once I discovered Zumba, I was hooked. Not only did I feel better because I was working out, but I felt sexier. It gave me the confidence boost I needed to get over my ex and realize that it really wasn’t me that was the problem.

Upon graduation from college, I started taking dance classes at Dance Austin Studio. I LOVED it and my boyfriend saw how happy it made me. The only thing was that the cost wasn’t really in my budget and I was already paying for a gym membership on top of that. So instead, I immersed myself in the gym and Zumba when I wasn’t at work or doing organization events.

When my grandfather passed away in September 2012, I stopped going to the gym. I started to gain weight and was so upset that he had to go that I started to go through depression. My boyfriend hated being around me and on top of that I started hating myself. I would find any reason to fight. I would cry all the time and I would eat to make myself feel better. I was baking a lot and eating almost everything I baked.

In January 2013, I promised my boyfriend that I would go back to the gym because he was convinced that that would make me feel better. The gym helped me, but honestly Zumba saved me. I was dancing again while working out and I felt so GOOD. I couldn’t wait for the next class. Slowly I started getting back into shape and along with that I started eating healthier. 2013 was my “comeback” year and I knew how much Zumba meant to me.

I found out that I could eventually become a licensed Zumba instructor and made it a goal for me to become one one day. I finally became a licensed instructor on February 28, 2014. I was so happy and ready to get started. I wanted to be that person to make a change in someone’s life for the better.

After months of looking for a Zumba gig, I finally found my place at a local YMCA and am so happy to be there!! I love my students and hope that they will love my class. I plan on posting more of my Zumba Journey soon. But for now, here is my journey in pictures.


ZIN Training





First Zumba Gig at Salud al 100 in Austin, TX



Relay for Life of Central Austin  Zumbathon I Instructed For at Dance Austin Studio




YMCA East Communities in Austin, TX

Photo Jul 22, 7 40 21 PM


Hope you all enjoyed this post and pictures!!! More to come soon!

If you are in Austin, TX and want to come Zumba with me, my classes are as follows, hope to see you there!!

Tuesday 6:35 PM – 7:35 PM

Saturdays 8:15 AM – 9:15 AM

Both classes are at YMCA East Communities Branch

You can see and listen to my Zumba playlist here:

Stay in Love and Just Listen,


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